FIT / Feed in Tariff

A government scheme that pays small renewable generators for the power they produce.  

FIT – Feed in Tariff.

A government scheme that pays small renewable generators for the power they produce.  


The networks that transport energy from its source to its end destination.

In home Device (IHD)

A small device that you plug into the mains that will show you data from your smart meter. 

kWh / Kilowatt hour

This is the unit of measurement for energy. A typical household might use 8kWh of electricity in a day.

kW / Kilowatt

A measure of power output or demand of a particular electronic device or appliance. 

MWh / Megawatt hour

A unit of measurement for energy, equal to 1,000 kilowatt hours.  


A unique 13 digit reference number for each electricity supply point. 

National Grid

The Company that owns the electricity transmission network and the gas pipeline network 

Ofgem / Regulator

A non-ministerial government department that regulates and oversees Britain’s energy market. 

REGO / Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin

A certificate of guarantee that is produced alongside every megawatt hour of renewable electricity. In the current energy market, REGOs can be sold separately from the unit of electricity.   

Standing Charge

A fixed daily amount that customers pay, no matter how much energy they use. This charge covers the cost of supplying the property with gas and electricity, including the cost of maintaining the power lines.  

Smart meter

Meters that automatically pass accurate meter readings to energy suppliers, and help customers to understand their usage in real time.

Wholesale market

The energy market where suppliers, generators, traders and customers sell and purchase electricity and gas of all generation types.