Your guide to getting a smart meter installed. 

Good Energy has partnered with specialist smart meter installers, SMS. Find out all you need to know about booking your smart meter installation and what happens on the day.  

About SMS

SMS’s mission is to deliver the future of smart energy. They care deeply about low-carbon technology and helping homes and businesses reduce their carbon emissions – making them the perfect partner for Good Energy. We’ve been working with SMS since 2019 

Once you’ve booked your installation, you will hear from SMS rather than Good Energy. 

smart meter_installation

How to book your installation

  1. Follow the link below to enter your contact details.
  2. SMS will contact you by phone or email to book your installation. You can also book your installation directly with SMS by calling 03308 089 367, if you wish.
  3. SMS will email you reminders about your installation beforehand, along with information about how to get your home ready. 
Smart installation call

How to get ready for your smart meter installation

Use the checklist below to know what to expect on the day your smart meter will be installed.

  • Make sure you’re at home on installation day. Your appointment will take approximately two hours, or one hour per meter. If you need to rearrange your installation, call SMS on 0330 808 9367 no later than 2 working days before your appointment.
  • Clear the area around your electricity and gas meter so the engineer can get to them easily. If they’re not easily accessible, let SMS know in advance.
  • Switch off your heating and any gas appliances.
  • On the day, your installer will arrive in an SMS branded van. They will have an ID showing their name, photograph and that they are working with Good Energy. For extra peace of mind, you can set up a password when you make your booking.
  • After your meters have been installed, your engineer will briefly show you how to use your in-home display (IHD).
Installation checklist

FAQs about smart meter installation 

We install second-generation smart meters. These fix common problems experienced with first-generation meters – for example, they stay smart when you switch energy supplier.

No – the upgrade to your new smart meter will be free of charge, including the IHD.

Your meter will be installed in accordance with theSmart Installation Schedule, Retail Energy Code, the industry standard for installing smart meters.  

SMS will send you reminder emails before your installation appointment. If you need to rearrange it, contact them as soon as possible, as there could be a fee for cancelling less than two working days before your appointment. Please call SMS on 0330 808 9367. 

Please find your electricity and gas meters to check they’re accessible for the engineer. If they’re difficult to reach, please tell SMS by calling them on 0330 808 9367. 

If your meter was installed before 2018, it may be a first-generation smart meter. Some of these meters lose their ability to submit automatic meter readings when you switch supplier. 

If this happened to your meter, we may be able to upgrade it remotely to restore its smart functionality. If we are not able to do this, we will contact you with more information about your options, which include having your meter replaced with a second-generation smart meter. 

Smart meter support 

Once you’ve had your smart meter installed, you’ll benefit from automatic meter readings, accurate energy bills and having more control over your energy. Here are some resources to help you use your smart meter.