The time is up for hearing from grown ups on climate change. We want to hear from young people. That’s why we are setting up our new Good Future Board. Open to secondary and tertiary school aged applicants now.

The average board member of a top UK company is nearly 60. With age comes experience, but experience is about the past. As the energy company who cares about the future, we thought it was about time we heard more from the generation who will be living it. 

That is why we are opening applications for our new Good Future Board. The new board will mirror our existing board, but be for young people only. Applications are open to secondary and tertiary school age students, from years 7 to 13.

Once appointed, the Good Future Board will have the opportunity to review and feed into how we run the Good Energy business. We will look to them for ideas, thoughts, dreams and challenges that we will not have thought of ourselves. From the perspective only someone who has their whole future ahead of them can have.

Good Energy’s new TV advert, ‘Science Fair’

We know it will be beneficial for Good Energy, but we hope it will be beneficial for our applicants too. Our research shows that most young people want to work for an environmentally sustainable business, and this should give all applicants, the final appointees especially, a great headstart towards achieving that. 

Ideal candidates will be willing to tell adults when they are wrong and be passionate about tackling the climate crisis

Our ideal candidates will: 

  • Have 12-18 years’ experience of living on our planet
  • Be willing to tell adults when they are wrong
  • Be passionate about tackling the climate crisis
  • Be able to pick Greta Thunberg out of a crowd of climate strikers
  • Want to help create a greener future for everyone

We are looking for a true diversity of backgrounds and thinking in our Good Future Board. As a renewable energy company we need ideas in just about every area, from maths to geography, creative writing to technology.

To find our Future Board, we have partnered with Eco-Schools, the world’s largest educational programme, who work towards engaging schools and pupils with environmental issues. 

Taking part can also be used by schools as evidence when applying for their Eco-Schools Green Flag, the highest standard of environmental education globally.

Applicants are required to complete a personal statement of no more than 500 words. The three things we want to see in this statement are:

  1. What inspired you to care about our planet
  2. What skills or experiences you can bring
  3. One idea for what a renewable energy company can do today to help protect the planet

Whether you are a teacher hoping to get your students to enter, or a student yourself, head to Eco-Schools website here for more details and to enter an application.