Earn 15p per kWh for your solar power

Get paid more for the electricity you send to the grid
The more you export, the more you earn
Available to customers supplied by Good Energy.

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Who can get Solar Savings?

If you have have solar panels and export the electricity you don’t use to the grid, you can sign up to Solar Savings. Don’t have panels yet? Find out about solar panel installation.

Solar Savings is exclusively for customers who are already supplied by Good Energy. Your earnings will be added to your energy supply account, helping you save on your green energy bills.

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How much could you earn?

As a guide, the average British household that exports around 50% of the electricity it generates could earn over £210 a year on our 15p per kWh rate*.

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What else do I need to know about Solar Savings?

Solar Savings is a variable tariff, with the rate updated every 3 months to make sure you receive a fair price. The rate can go down as well as up.

If you receive Feed-in Tariff payments, Solar Savings will replace your export payments. You’ll still receive FIT generation payments at your current rate.

Your earnings will vary depending on the volume of electricity you export. If you decide Solar Savings isn’t for you, you’ll be able to switch to another supplier. You can also move back onto your smart FIT export rate with Good Energy after 12 months.

Solar Savings is a smart tariff. You’ll need a smart meter capable of sending us automatic meter readings.

Ready to start making Solar Savings?

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*The top paying FIT export rate is 6.79p per kWh. The average UK household solar array (3.25kW) produces 2,874kWh and exports 50% of this. An export of 1,437kWh, at 6.79p per kWh equates to £97.50 FIT export payment per year. Solar Savings pays 15p per kWh creating a benefit to you of £118 by switching to Solar Savings. You may earn more or less than this depending on the volume of electricity you export.