Frequently asked questions for our EV Driver 4 tariff 

What is Good Energy’s Electric Vehicle (EV Driver 4) tariff?

We love electric vehicles and we realised that we tend to do most of our charging at home, not on the road. Because of this we created a tariff designed to make charging your EV more affordable. If you’re anything like us, then this tariff has been designed with you in mind. This is as good for the environment as it is your pocket, saving you £20-£36 per year when compared to our Default Tariff, and over £80 a year (dependent on region) when compared to our Standard Variable Tariff.

How is Good Energy’s tariff for EV drivers different to your standard tariff?

Our EV Driver 4 tariff offers a reduced unit rate and standing charge compared to our standard variable tariff. It’s designed for customers that do the majority of their EV charging at home and typically consume more electricity.

The lower price of this fixed EV Driver tariff has been made possible by passing through the currently low wholesale cost of power, providing further savings for our customers.

Will you offer this tariff to customers each year?

As long as you continue to drive an electric vehicle and comply with the EV Driver 4 tariff Terms and Conditions you are eligible for the EV Driver 4 tariff until the tariff end date. We do retain the right to close this tariff in the future. For more information please see our Terms and Conditions.


All rates are inc VAT, average across regions

EV 4




Standing charge (p/day)




Unit rate (p/kWh)




Annual bill @ TDCV for electricity (standard)*




Average savings




TDCV or Typical Domestic Consumption Values are industry standard values for the annual electricity usage of a typical domestic customer. They are used to calculate an annual estimated bill and below you can review what this would be for a medium sized household:

Electricity (standard) = 2,900 kWh

Electricity (economy) = 4,200 kWh

EV user = 7,500 kWh (average estimated amount of how much it would cost to charge an EV at home)

Can existing Good Energy customers sign up to the tariff for EV drivers?

Our EV Driver 4 tariff is available to all Good Energy customers with an electric vehicle. To sign up, the only extra information you’ll need to provide is your vehicle registration.

Can I move to the new EV Driver 4 tariff if I’m already on your current EV Driver 3 tariff?

If you’re an existing Good Energy customer on our current EV Driver 3 tariff, you can get a quote for our new EV Driver 4 tariff by speaking to one of our team on 0800 254 0004.


Where are my nearest charge points?

You can find your closest charge point at ZapMap.com


How is this EV Driver 4 tariff different to your previous EV Driver tariffs?

Our new EV Driver 4 tariff has a reduced unit rate and standing charge when compared to our EV Driver 3 tariff. And unlike our EV Driver 2 tariff, this new EV Driver 4 tariff is fixed, offering peace of mind and security over your rates until 30 June 2022.

If you do the majority of your EV charging at home, it is likely that you’ll benefit more from this reduced unit rate.

Am I able to take the EV Driver 4 tariff with me when I move home?

Yes, absolutely. You can complete a Home Movers form on our website by visiting moving house page - and simply sign up your new property. We’ll then contact you to process this (remember to mention you have an electric vehicle). Alternatively, you can contact us directly on 0800 254 0000 and select option 4 to arrange moving your energy supply to your new home.



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