To limit global heating and fight the climate crisis, the UK must reach zero carbon emissions as soon as possible. We exist to tackle climate change and provide people with ways to make a difference while making their own lives greener. 

In 2022, we built on our work over the past two decades by launching a new strategy: to help one million homes and businesses to cut out their carbon emissions by 2025. 

What we do  

We want to make it simple to generate, share, store, use and travel with clean power.  

Why we exist  

To power a cleaner, greener future together. 

Our ambition 

Our aim is to help one million homes and business to cut carbon from their energy and transport by 2025.  

There are three main ways we’re working to achieve this goal: 

  1. Supply – providing fairly-priced, 100% renewable electricity for our committed customers.  
Energy use lamp on

2. Generate – providing services to help homes and businesses generate, store and share their own power.

Close up of solar panels under a blue sky with a few clouds.

3. Transport – making it easier to own, drive, power and pay for an electric vehicle.

Electric car charging

Together, our services will help people have more independence and control over their energy. This is more vital than ever before when the country’s continuing reliance on fossil fuels is driving up energy prices for everyone. 

For more information, please see pages 18-23 of our 2021 Annual Report