Why install solar panels & a home battery?

Save money
Use the electricity you generate at home and save £300-900 a year – and add value to your property.

Be green
Power your home with electricity from the sun – reducing your contribution to climate change.

Control your energy use
Buy less power from an energy supplier and protect yourself from energy price rises. Use what you generate straight away or store it for later with a battery.

Battery storage
Energy generation small scale FiT solar

Why choose Good Energy as your installer?

Green energy expertise:

As well as supplying 100% renewable electricity for nearly 25 years, we support over 180,000 homes and businesses that generate their own power.

Friendly, expert service

Complete peace of mind:

From your initial call through to after installation, our expert team will make sure getting solar panels is as simple and seamless as possible.

Genuinely Green

Ethical and accredited:

Our installers are fully MCS certified, plus all installations are backed by the Home Insulation and Energy Systems guarantee, for total reassurance.

Climate change

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How much does it cost to get solar panels with a battery?

Solar only

Prices start from £5,900, for a 2.8kW solar panel array.

– Panels from established manufacturers using top-quality materials.

– Fully MCS accredited installation, with a 10 year warranty.

– GivEnergy inverter and access to the GivEnergy portal for monitoring your generation, usage and export.


Solar & battery

Prices start from £8,700 for a 2.8kW solar panel array plus 2.6 kW battery.

– Efficient, fast-charging batteries from British-owned manufacturer, GivEnergy.

– Access to GivEnergy portal for monitoring your generation, storage levels and usage.

– 10 year warranty for total peace of mind.