Good Energy and Friends of the Earth

Good Energy has supported Friends of the Earth for well over a decade. From sharing their campaigns with customers to sponsoring events like their Basecamp activist gathering, we share their commitment to looking after our planet.

Like Friends of the Earth, we’re working to stop the UK’s reliance on fossil fuels. Campaigning for investment in lower cost, local renewable energy generation instead of expensive, imported fossil fuels is essential to tackling the climate crisis – and the cost-of-living crisis, too.




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Our dedication to buying 100% renewable electricity directly from British generators has been recognised by many organisations as being genuinely green. That’s why we’re delighted to be recommended as a green energy supplier by Friends of the Earth.



Discover campaigns and sustainable living tips from Friends of the Earth

Take climate action

Join up with likeminded people in your community with Friends of the Earth’s local campaign groups.


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Stop fossil fuel companies obstructing climate action

Did you know fossil fuel companies can sue governments if environmental protection disrupts profits? Sign the petition to stop it.

Fossil Fuel Chimneys

Keep people warm this winter 

Sign an open letter to the UK government to take urgent action to invest in green energy, insulation and moving away from expensive fossil fuels.

Stop plans for a new coal mine

There is no space for new coal if we’re to limit global heating. Sign the petition against plans for a new mine in Cumbria and support a just transition to a green economy.


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Switch to a greener lifestyle 

Read articles on planet-friendly living, from how to shop more sustainably, to how to move your money to a more ethical bank.