Direct Debit FAQS

If you can't find the answer to your Direct Debit query here, please call us on 0800 254 0000.

What is the Direct Debit discount?

If you pay your Good Energy bills by Direct Debit, we will discount your bill by £15 per fuel per year. This is us passing on the reduced cost to look after your account. 

Why have I not received my Direct Debit discount?

We’re really sorry that you have not yet received your discount. We’re currently finishing changes to our system to make sure that we can apply the discount correctly to all eligible customers, and expect this work to be complete by mid-June.

When will I receive my Direct Debit discount?

You will receive your Direct Debit discount by mid-June – but don’t worry we will be backdating all the discounts to 1st March or from when you became eligible to ensure you fully benefit from the discount. 

We will also be sending new terms and conditions, which will include more information about the discount.

What do I have to do to benefit from the Direct Debit discount?              

You don’t have to do anything if you already pay via Direct Debit (fixed or variable) and are on our standard variable or local tariff. We will automatically apply the discount to your account by mid-June, backdated to the 1st March.  

The discount is calculated daily, throughout the year, for each fuel – equaling £15 per fuel per year. We’ll add the discount for the period you are being billed to your account on each statement – monthly or quarterly as appropriate.

If you don’t already pay by Direct Debit, and want to benefit from the discount, please get in touch on 0800 254 0000 or make the switch through the Good Energy portal.

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