The fight against climate change is global. It’s one which requires all nations to work collaboratively to build a low-carbon future. The best way to do this is with clean power

As one of the oldest renewable power companies in the UK, Good Energy is on this journey for the long run. We were founded with a purpose to empower individuals to tackle climate change head-on. And many of our customers recognise that switching to a clean power company is one of the biggest things they can do in this fight.

However, with the way energy systems work, we can only directly impact what happens in the UK. We occasionally are asked who the companies are that do what we do in other countries. Earth Day is a great opportunity to establish these partnerships and callout some great companies pushing for a clean energy transition in their nation.

There are hundreds of millions of people around the world who share in our vision and want an energy supplier who truly cares about sustainability. With that in mind, here are our recommendations for a few of them:

United States – Arcadia Power

We wholeheartedly agree with Arcadia’s belief that choosing clean energy should not be complicated. Their community driven ethos has helped feed 680,000 megawatt hours of renewable electricity onto the US grid.

Canada – Bullfrog Power

Bullfrog is a trailblazer in Canada’s energy market. For almost 15 years it has supported a range of clean energy projects right across the country, including 140 community-based sites.

Spain – Holaluz

Holaluz is giving people the tools to take control of their own energy use. And their thinking is based on simplicity and trust.

Germany – Nexus Energie

Like Good Energy, Nexus has been supporting renewable projects for 20 years. They now have 18,000 clean power plants on their books, including a significant stake in driving the German solar PV market.

France – Enercoop

This French company was founded as a cooperative and invests the majority of its profits back into renewable projects. Over 50,000 customers are now supporting its good work.

Australia – Powershop

Powershop gives customers the tools to purchase clean energy online and up to two months in advance. It is also the only electricity company to be certified 100% carbon neutral by the Australian Government.

Do you know of any other clean energy companies across the globe that deserve a shout out? Let us know via Twitter or Facebook.