Taking on any home improvement project can feel daunting. It’s natural to worry that it will be disruptive, time consuming and messy.

But with Good Energy, you’re in safe hands. Read on to find out what happens during a typical heat pump installation, and why our customers look back on it as a positive experience.  

Who will install my heat pump?

At Good Energy, we directly employ all of our engineers. This means that you can be assured that the team that installs your heat pump will be highly trained, professional and treat your home with respect.

Installing a heat pump usually involves a team of three working within your home – a heating engineer, an electrician and an improver.  Occasionally you may also have one of our trainee engineers on site too.

The team will keep you updated with what they are working on and make the schedule work for you – for example by planning any short-term power outages or disruptions to your hot water supply around your needs.

They’re passionate about what they do, and if you have any questions while they’re working, they’ll be more than happy to answer them. What’s more, they will look after your home – from laying down carpet protection, to clearing up after themselves and wearing reusable shoe covers.

What do our customers say?

Our customer, Paul, shares how his heat pump installation went; and what he thought of our team.

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How long does a heat pump installation take?

At Good Energy, we take your whole home into account when designing your new heating system. Not only does this help us to design the most efficient heating system for your home, it means that we can get a full understanding of all of the works that will be involved ahead of the installation. After your home survey, we’ll give you a personalised timeline for your install and agree a start date that works for you.

While every installation looks different, a typical installation will involve our team working at your home for around 5 days. This can take longer if you don’t already have a wet heating system, or if we need to install substantial new pipework. We’ll let you know the expected timescales before your installation begins.

What does installing a heat pump involve?

In the days before your installation, the kit will start arriving at your home so that everything is ready for the team to get started straight away.

Your installation team live within an hour’s drive of your home, so they will arrive with you by 9am and work until around 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Depending on what your home needs, the first few days might involve installing new pipework, removing your existing hot water cylinder, and replacing it with your new cylinder so that you aren’t without hot water for more than 24 hours.

Days three and four will typically involve installing your heat pump and the pipework and pumps that connect it to your heating system. Customers end up needing an average of four new radiators, which will be installed at this time too.

The final day will be final checks, insulating your pipework, and commissioning your system. The team will also give you a thorough demonstration of how to use your new heating system and how to manage your home’s temperature.

After your installation, we have access to lifetime remote monitoring of your heating system. This means that we can remotely check how your system is performing, fix minor issues and tweak settings to get it working as efficiently as possible. We will be available by phone and email to answer your questions and diagnose and solve problems, often without a call out.

Enjoy a comfortable, low carbon home

And that’s it. After just over a week of our team arriving on site, you will be enjoying a warm, comfortable home that is helping to combat climate change.

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