Good Energy believes in working with local communities to create a cleaner, greener future using renewable energy.

We currently own six solar farms and two wind farms which were built with community support during the early 2010s. These sites can be found across England, but are mostly located in the south west where we have been based for 20 years.

These sites not only generate renewable energy, but provide a boost to the rural economy. This is because each project has a community fund to ensure local people benefit from hosting renewables. And we have now reached a major milestone of £400,000 in direct contributions to these funds.

In the space of only a few years, our community funds have supported a whole range of initiatives, from creating new green spaces to investing in digital equipment for schoolchildren and even funding horse riding facilities for disabled children in Cornwall. These funds are responding to local needs and leaving a positive legacy.

Our Hampole wind farm in Yorkshire has helped the village community of Hooton Pagnell reconnect with nature. A grant from the fund led to a new village green, complete with wildflower meadow and nature-friendly initiatives undertaken by children from the village school. The green is intended to play an educational role, helping open children’s eyes to the wonders of nature; the space is also intended for local people to relax and enjoy nature.

Another community to benefit from these funds is the village of Delabole in Cornwall. The nearby wind farm is special as it was the first project of its kind in the UK. The Edwards family completed the wind farm in 1991. Good Energy subsequently bought the site and built more powerful turbines in 2010.

Delabole wind farm on a clear, sunny day.

Peter Edwards helped make the first wind farm a reality and he now runs the community fund. We caught up with him to discuss how the fund has helped local people. He told us how it has been active investing in roof-top solar panels and energy efficiency measures at the local primary school and sports pavilion. The single largest contribution was to stop the church roof from collapsing.

Renewable projects have the power to create a cleaner future and transform people’s lives. The Delabole community fund plays a pivotal role in improving the local area and its financial support has meant many important projects have been given the green light. We’re very grateful for its ongoing support.”

Peter Edwards

This latest news follows another milestone of reaching £30,000 in donations to our Alderholt community fund in Dorset. In the five years since it was created, Alderholt has provided a helping hand to 27 community projects, ranging from health to sporting needs. The fund also jumped at the chance to put £1,300 towards the Alderholt Coronavirus Response Group, set up to address local needs during the pandemic.