You can still enjoy delicious food while being eco-friendly. In this article we share some of our eco-friendly food brands that will help you to cut your carbon footprint without even noticing.

Riverford Organic Farmers

Veg box pioneers Riverford Organic Farmers have been putting fresh vegetables on the table at an affordable price since the 1980s.

They now deliver around 47,000 veg boxes a week to homes around the UK. Subscribing to weekly, eco-friendly veg box delivery makes eating healthy organic produce easy!

a gardener pulls carrots out of the ground.

Wyke Farms

Wyke Farms have been farming in the heart of Somerset for over 150 years.

They’re the UK’s largest independent cheese maker and the first to be completely self-sufficient in electricity. They have three anaerobic digesters which use waste to generate renewable electricity.

These digesters generate enough electricity to power the entire site, all of Wyke’s cheese-making operations and then some! Good Energy supports this independent renewable electricity generation by buying the excess and adding it to our diverse 100% renewable fuel mix.

Wyke cheese local produce

Yeo Valley

Yeo Valley is one of the best-selling organic brands in the UK.

The company claims to be 100% ‘Yeoganic’ – going the extra mile to look after land, livestock and environment.

As well as using 100% renewable electricity, Yeo use innovative methods to make sure they stay eco-friendly. For example, rather than putting harmful chemical fertilisers on their soil, they grow fields of clover.

The flowers grab nitrogen from the air and return it to the soil. The flowers are then cut and the nitrogen-rich soil helps future plants thrive. The clover is fed to the cows so nothing is wasted!

Mackie’s of Scotland

They’re one of the UK’s most well-loved ice cream companies. But as well as their tasty ice cream, like Wyke Farms, Mackie’s are making their very own energy.

This electricity operates their “Sky to Scoop” process – wind and solar provide the power to run the farm; the farm grows the crops to feed the cows, and the cows in turn make the milk to make the ice cream. 

The cows can choose when they would like to be milked by the robotic milking system and voluntarily take themselves to the apparatus. What more could a cow want?


Herb enthusiasts Pukka began in 2001 with a mission to create healthy, organic herbal teas whilst considering the environment they come from. 

The business is built on a connection between people and planet. They are certified carbon neutral and have a completely ethical supply chain with herbs coming from the Organic Herb Trading Company and packing from Infusion GB.

If you want to be sure the brands you’re buying from are producing products to the highest possible environmental and animal welfare standards look for the Soil Association organic symbol.