For the second year in a row, all of our tariffs have received the highest Gold classification by the Uswitch Green Accreditation

The requirement for Uswitch Gold Standard Green Tariffs is that 100% of renewable electricity is sourced via power purchase agreements, or PPAs. This means that the power is sourced via direct contracts with renewable generators, rather than a mix of fossil fuel, nuclear and renewable purchased on the wholesale market and then ‘labelled’ green with certificates called REGOs. For gas, the requirement is 10% from green gas with the remainder carbon offset.

The Uswitch Green Accreditation is the first scheme to categorise tariffs into Bronze, Silver and Gold categories, with the aim of helping consumers better understand green tariffs and the different approaches suppliers are taking on renewable energy.

The categories recognise tariffs based on the level of renewable energy suppliers buy directly, and the amount of investment they are making to support the growth of renewable energy.

Uswitch says of the Gold Standard classification that “These tariffs will also provide a meaningful contribution towards increasing and/or promoting renewable energy, for example investing into future renewable generation, such as wind or solar and market innovations that help promote renewable uptake. Despite the upheaval in the energy market over the past year, consumers still want to do their bit for the environment, so it’s great to see that there are ten Gold tariffs being offered.”

The accreditation shows that our customers are choosing truly green energy. You can learn more about greenwashing by energy suppliers, as well as what Good Energy does differently, here