A lot of people like summer, with its longer days and warmer temperatures. It’s not just good weather for enjoying time outdoors, it’s also excellent for generating renewable electricity using solar power.

In the video below, we celebrate how we use energy from the sun to generate our 100% renewable electricity.

And because this is Britain and we can’t count on blue skies, it’s good to know that solar panels still generate electricity on cloudy days. Even when the weather turns, we’re still able to generate renewable electricity through wind and hydro.

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How much energy is generated from solar panels?

April to August are the months with the highest average hours of sunlight, with over 14 hours of daylight each day. In June, this goes up to 16.4 daylight hours. So it’s no surprise these are the months where we usually generate the most from solar power.

Solar farms in the UK have a total installed capacity of 8.67GW, and along with domestic solar, account for around 4% of the UK’s total energy generation. 

Around one million homes across the country have solar panels installed, allowing them to generate their own renewable electricity and get paid for any leftover electricity that they export to the grid. By getting a battery installed, people can store any remaining electricity to use when there isn’t much being generated by the sun, such as at night.

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