Signing petitions is a powerful way to fight climate change and advocate for causes you care about. In this blog, we share a range of eco-friendly petitions that you can sign today.

No coal, oil, or gas projects
Friends of the Earth

This summer, the UK government announced they would be granting over 100 offshore licenses for plans to drill at Rosebank oil field. This would produce more CO2 emissions than the combined annual emissions 28 of the poorest countries.

Our government also decided to weaken the UK’s net zero commitments and have scrapped their home efficiency taskforce. By supporting this petition, Friends of the Earth aims to send a powerful message to our government that demands meaningful commitment to a more sustainable future.

Send It
Protect our Winters UK

Focusing on the impact that climate change has on outdoor pursuits, Protect our Winters UK wants the government to commit to policies that get us back on track to meet our net zero commitments.

Their campaign, Send It, enables you to send a personalised virtual postcard to the Secretary of State and Shadow Secretary of State for Net Zero to tell them why fighting climate change is important to you.

Prevent mass extinction
Friends of the Earth

A quarter of mammals are at risk of disappearing due to the catastrophic loss of biodiversity that we are experiencing. But instead of doing more, our government are weakening environmental laws and ignoring environmental protection policies to secure trade deals.

Sign this petition to urge our government to prioritise our environment and implement more policies to protect our wildlife.

Polluters must pay
Oxfam GB

In the last year, fairer taxes on the UK’s biggest polluters could have raised a huge £23bn. Mainly coming from fossil fuel profits and redirected fossil fuel subsidies, Oxfam also suggests there should be a frequent flyer levy to ensure that lower income households that fly only once or twice per years aren’t impacted by the proposed tax.

Sign Oxfam GB’s petition to urge our Prime Minister to fairly tax the rich.

The Government is failing on net zero – so we’re taking them to court
Good Law Project

Together with Friends of the Earth and ClientEarth, the Good Law Project is taking our government to court to challenge them over our ‘woefully inadequate’ net zero policy. According to the Climate Change Committee, the government is failing to hit its climate targets in almost every area.

A three day court hearing is booked in starting the 20th February next year. The Good Law Project are asking for donations to a crowdfunding project to raise funds to cover their legal costs.

Campaign for the ocean
Surfers Against Sewage

Marine ecosystems are one of the most vital parts of our environment. But the UK’s old sewage and waste water system is not equipped to deal with the sheer number of houses or the increasing intensity of rainfall – and overflows into our waterways a very regular basis.

It’s legal for sewers to overflow in periods of heavy rainfall – but water companies are currently getting away with dumping sewage on dry days too.

Surfers against Sewage are campaigning to cap water company executive bonuses and give OWFAT more powers to enforce compliance with environmental regulations.

Demand mass home insulation
Friends of the Earth

Britain’s homes are among the leakiest in Europe – meaning that they’re expensive to heat, hard to keep warm, and wasting a lot of energy. In fact, our houses use on average twice the amount of gas than our European neighbours

Friends of the Earth is calling for a government funded programme to install mass home insulation – funded by a windfall tax on fossil fuel giants.

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