Good Energy has always been committed to a cleaner, greener future together. Here our CEO Nigel Pocklington explains how we are building that future today.  

In the midst of a crisis it can be difficult to look beyond the present. But today’s fossil fuel driven energy crisis makes Good Energy’s commitment to a cleaner, greener future stronger than ever. 

The UK government has a commitment to reach net zero by 2050, but we plan to help people and businesses get there sooner. In fact, our ambition is to help one million homes and businesses cut their carbon by 2025.  

So how do we plan to achieve this? 

Supplying real renewable electricity

The first way is by doing what we have always done: supplying genuine 100% renewable electricity sourced directly from independent generators. 

Good Energy’s green electricity tariffs are different, because unlike other suppliers, we do not greenwash by sticking ‘renewable’ certificates on non-renewable power. 

Every unit of electricity our customers use we match with one from our community of over 2000 renewable generators. Real climate heroes who are helping make the UK a greener place.

It’s this model that has seen us recognised as the highest scoring Which? Eco Provider for energy. And the reason all of our tariffs have been accredited Gold by the independent Uswitch Green Tariff Accreditation panel, for the second year running.

As the need to move away from fossil fuels becomes more urgent, and people become more aware of where their energy comes from, we think real renewable electricity is more important than ever. 

Helping customers generate and share clean power

Home grown renewables are the UK’s route to energy independence, but many people are rightly thinking about their own energy independence too. And Good Energy’s goal isn’t just to sell you clean energy, it’s also to help you generate your own. 

We already help more homes and businesses generate their own clean power than almost anyone else through the Feed-in Tariff scheme. The scheme pays a fixed rate for what customers generate regardless of how much they export to the electricity grid. And the rate, which has been set by the government, does not change. 

By the end of this year we aim to start paying people for what they actually export, and paying a fair rate for it. 

This is complex to do. It requires customers to have an export capable smart meter and there is a lot of tech we are building in the background to make it work. 

But once it does, it will be a key building block for the future. One that helps people be more than consumers of energy, but active participants in a greener, fairer, more flexible energy system. Paving the way for energy storage and electrification of other parts of our lives. Including how we heat our homes, so we can move away from fossil fuels there too.

Clean transport

Lastly, we want to help you use clean power when you leave your home or business. 

In 2019 we invested in Zapmap, the go-to app for electric vehicle (EV) drivers. Since then we have invested further, becoming the majority owner, and the app has grown in tandem with the rapidly growing numbers of EVs. There are now over half a million EV drivers on UK roads, and 70% of them use Zapmap to find, plan and pay for charging.

We are committed to continuing to support Zapmap in its mission to make EV charging simple, but we also want to help EV owners as Good Energy too. 

Last year we launched two flexible ‘time-of-use’ electricity tariffs for green drivers, including one with Zapmap which offered free periods of charging. The current energy market makes it difficult to offer competitive tariffs like these, but we plan to return to helping EV drivers as soon as we can. 

Whether you are a user of Zapmap, a Feed-in Tariff customer of ours or you buy Good Energy’s real renewable electricity for your home or business, together we are helping build a cleaner, greener future.