What does the public really think of renewables?

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Posted on: 27.10.2016

**2017 Update**

A government report on 4th May 2017 showed that not only is public support for renewables still strong, but the support for each individual renewable technology is the highest it's been since the start of the surveys. The surveys take support as a percentage based on the survey sample size and it was announced as follows:

  • On-shore wind has 73% public support
  • Biomass received 66% 
  • Off-shore wind has risen to 80%
  • Wave and tidal are in at 79%
  • Solar at a whopping 86%

In addition to this, concern over climate change was measured at 71% which is the highest recorded level. 

Did you know that 79% of the UK public support renewables, while just 17% support fracking?

This week the Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (DBEIS) released its latest public attitudes tracker, asking UK residents their opinion on various energy topics ranging from bills to fracking.

The surveys, which first began in March 2012, time and again reveal overwhelming public support for renewable energy.

Strong support for renewables

In the past 19 surveys, support for renewables has never dropped below 75%, and the proportion backing solar has always been 80% or higher.

Almost eight in 10 of us agree that renewable energy provides economic benefits to the country, something we’re dedicated to delivering through our Renewables Development Charter.

In comparison, support for nuclear and fracking is consistently overshadowed by renewables, with the latest stats revealing that just 33% and 17% of the UK public support these technologies respectively - both falling since the previous survey. This follows the recent decisions to progress with Hinkley C and the UK's first fracking site.

Good Energy founder and CEO Juliet Davenport was thrilled with the news.


Renewable energy still remains the UK’s favourite form of energy – it’s local, it’s sustainable and it’s pioneering. Government should listen to public opinion, champion renewable energy and throw its weight behind tackling climate change. What would you rather picnic next to – a wind turbine or a nuclear reactor? I know which one I’d choose.

Record breaking clean power

These figures are a huge boost to renewables, and come at a time when clean sources of generation are continuing to break records.

25% of our power needs now comes from green energy, and it was announced this year that one million UK homes are generating electricity and heat using the power of British sunshine.

With 2016 a year of political change and uncertainty for the renewable energy industry, it is good news like this which demonstrates the progress we are making towards a truly low carbon future.

Join the clean energy revolution by switching to our 100% renewable electricity and Green Gas

Jamie White

Senior Communications Executive 

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Posted in: Energy news

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