Electric fleet services

Future proof your business.

As fleets make up the majority of new car sales, they are expected to be a key driver of the shift to electric vehicles. In fact, recent research has found that 30% of fleets already use EVs, and 46% have active plans to follow suit.

With benefits including zero vehicle excise duty and benefit in kind tax plus cheaper maintenance costs, EV running costs compare favourably with petrol and diesel vehicles. Whether you run cars or commercial vehicles, investing in infrastructure to support EVs now could unlock operational savings – as well as helping meet your business’s carbon emission reduction targets.

From charging hardware to payment support, Good Energy is well-placed to help you make a success of going electric.

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Centralised fleet charging

One Point from Good Energy

If vehicles will need to charge at a central hub, install charge points using our One Point service. 

  • End-to-end service

    Our EV and energy experts will recommend,install and manage the maintenance of charging services that fit your requirements.

  • Technology to suit your needs

    We only recommend charge points that have passed our rigorous testing in terms of pricing, quality and environmental standards, with Fast and Rapid charging options available.

    Charging hardware connects to a cloud-based software platform that enables you to track and forecast charge point usage and manage electricity spend.

  • Long term value

    Other installers are just that – installers. We also put together aftercare packages so your investment keeps delivering.

Supporting home & public charging

Managing charging costs for your drivers

Around 80% of electric vehicle charging happens at home1. We provide dedicated services that enable you to centrally manage the cost for your drivers.

  • Home charging reimbursement

    No need to spend time handling multiple, complex expenses claims from your drivers every time they charge their EVs at home. We can provide access to hardware and software that makes it simple for you to centrally manage charging costs for simplified tax submissions.

  • Simplified public charging payments

    Driver payments at public charge points are also supported.

Funding & finance

An investment in your business’s future

  • Access up to £14,000 of funding

    We can guide you through the process of applying for funding from the Workplace Charging Scheme, a government grant that provides support for businesses investing in charge points.

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  • Explore finance and leasing options

    Make your investment more manageable by spreading the upfront cost through finance, or opt for a leasing agreement.

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