Protect your business from unpredictable energy prices by installing commercial solar panels. Make your business more sustainable by reducing your carbon emissions in line with net-zero targets.
A commercial solar installation can help you: 
  • Cut your costs and increase your energy independence. 
  • Create new revenue streams through selling what you don’t use back to Good Energy. 
  • Boost your green credentials with customers, partners and employees. 
“Good Energy made the process really simple. In six months we’ve generated 20MWh and saved over £4,000 in energy bills.”

Cutting carbon and costs: bigHead and Good Energy

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Why Good Energy Solar?

  • 10 years’ experience covering hundreds of commercial solar installations.
  • Premium quality, durable technology such as SunPower panels and Tesla Powerwall battery storage.
  • A trusted team of professionals with all installers that are part of the Good Energy Group.
  • MCS accreditation and part of the RECC guaranteeing high quality service.
  • Partnership with Finpoint to help you compare finance options from a wide range of lenders.

Quality you can trust

“The installation and connection service ran without a hitch and much more quickly than anticipated. Communication was at all times good, disruption minimal and work safety standards high.”
“Good Energy Solar worked to tight deadlines and because of this we successfully claimed a council grant that covered 40% of the install cost. We expect a return on our investment in under 3 years which is exceptional.”