Supporting businesses to reduce their impact

To tackle the climate crisis, Britain must reach zero carbon emissions.

Switching to renewable electricity – or generating it on site – is one of the most impactful decisions a business can make to reduce their impact.

100% renewable electricity for business

Switching to a renewable electricity supply means you can immediately report zero Scope 2 carbon emissions. It has other benefits as well, like improving the perception of your brand for customers, suppliers and staff.

Explore our supply service for contracts for 100% renewable electricity and carbon neutral green gas.

Good Energy business supply customer, Finisterre.

“Having our stores and offices powered by renewable energy not only reduces our own carbon footprint, it also means we can be an example to our supply chain and our customers”

Adele, Positive Impact Manager at Finisterre

Commercial solar installation

We’re more than just an energy supplier. Good Energy Solar has 10 years’ experience covering hundreds of solar installations around the country. With premium quality hardware and a trusted team of installers, you’re in safe hands with Good Energy.

Hourly Energy Matching

We offer our large business customers insights on how their electricity is matched 24/7.

This enables customers to calculate their carbon with confidence, make informed decisions about how to use their power, and demonstrate their commitment to sustainability.