A groundbreaking new service for our business supply customers

Good Energy has always worked hard to match the power you use with renewable electricity in real time, as far as is possible. Through our partnership with Granular Energy, we’re providing businesses with groundbreaking transparency about how their energy is generated – 24/7, 365 days a year. This is hourly energy matching, and it is the future of renewable energy supply. ​

Renewable electricity sources are weather and climate dependent. So to build a truly zero-carbon energy grid that’s free from fossil fuels, we have to get better at using (or storing) renewable electricity as it’s generated.​

The current process for certifying renewable electricity doesn’t support this level of transparency. Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origin certificates (REGOs) are used to prove renewable energy sourcing on an annual basis – a system full of loopholes that enables greenwashing. ​

REGOs don’t show whether a supplier puts in the work of sourcing renewable electricity to match customer demand throughout the day. And if you don’t know when your usage is completely matched by renewables and when it isn’t, how can you make changes to be more sustainable?​​

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Why is hourly energy matching a game-changer?

Good Energy has always matched customer energy usage throughout the day, consistently matching electricity demand for over 90% of half-hourly periods with renewable electricity from our community of generators. Any gaps are made up for over the course of the year. ​

From an end-user’s perspective, access to this level of transparency over energy supply has previously been the preserve of tech giants. For example, Google tracks hourly energy usage for its data centres.​

But now, through our partnership with Granular Energy, Good Energy has become the first UK energy supplier to share hourly energy matching data with our larger business customers. ​​

Power and provenance: Good Energy & the Soil Association
“We’re always trying to connect people with where their products are coming from. In the same way, to actually understand who’s helping to produce your energy is powerful”

How it all works

Using the Granular Energy platform or monthly reports, customers will be able to see:​

  • Which generators are supplying the renewable electricity to cover their usage​
  • Matching percentages for hourly periods throughout the day, ​
  • Daily, weekly and monthly trends for when their electricity matching is highest, enabling them to shift their usage to times of higher renewable power generation.​
“Good Energy is the perfect first partner to launch our product within the UK because they have been trading energy in this way for years, and have a large and varied portfolio of generators and savvy, carbon conscious business customers”

Find out more about hourly energy matching for your business

​Are you interested in making your business’s energy procurement strategy as sustainable as possible?​

Contact the Good Energy team to learn more about our renewable supply contracts for half-hourly businesses, which currently come with complementary access to Granular Energy hourly matching insights. ​