Between November 2020 and June 2021 we upgraded our billing system for business customers. This upgrade will allow you to more easily manage your energy accounts but will look a bit different to the online account website you may have used before.

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I can no longer access my online account. What’s happened?

We have updated our billing system, which includes a brand-new online account to replace the one that you may have been using before. You should have received an email inviting you to register for the new online account. If you have not received an email, or your invite link has expired, please contact us and we can send/resend an invitation link to you.

How do I reset my online account password?

Please go to the account login page and click the ‘Forgotten your password’ link to reset your password.

I can no longer access the new online account using the link in my invitation email. What should I do?

The link in our invitation email was just a temporary one which allowed you to securely register your account. Please go straight to the main account login page in future.

Why can’t I see all of my accounts when I log in?

Once you have registered an online account for one of your sites, we can link your other sites to the same email address. This will allow you to see all of your energy accounts in one place. Please contact us with your other account numbers and we will link them for you; email or call us on 0345 034 2401.

Why does my statement have an actual reading on it when I didn’t provide one?

We recently upgraded our systems, and this reading marks the day that your account was upgraded. We know it is an estimate, but due to the way it has been recorded in our systems it shows on the bill as an actual reading.

I have sent an actual meter reading, but I haven’t received a revised bill. Why not?

Our upgraded billing system has lots of great automation built in. It is now designed to produce a statement on a set day. We will contact you five days before the statement is due to request a meter read, which will be billed to so long as it is provided within the five-day window.

If you submit a reading outside of this five-day window, it will be recorded on your account, and your charges will be revised when we produce your next statement. If you need a revised statement for a specific period, please email or call us on 0345 034 2401.

Why is someone coming to read my meter every month?

When we upgraded our systems, some customers had their meter reading frequency updated to one month incorrectly. Those customers impacted have now been reverted to our 6 monthly reading visits.

Can I have my bills emailed to me instead of using the online account?

We no longer email statements to customers. We offer online account management so that we can reduce our environmental impact by offering paperless billing – and to allow you to easily access all your statements in one place.

Why do I have two accounts now when I used to have one?

If your account structure has changed and you would like us to manage it differently, please contact us. We will be happy to link or unlink your accounts for you.

I have a credit on my account, why have you not refunded the money to me?

If you are not on Direct Debit, please provide a reading – we need an actual reading before we can process a refund for you.

If you are on Direct Debit, it is normal to build up a credit at certain times of the year. If you think you are overpaying, provide a meter reading and we can review your monthly payments.

Why have you changed your system?

After listening to customer feedback, we invested in a new system that makes it quicker and simpler for people to manage their energy accounts using their online account. This upgrade enables our customers to see their account balance, view statements, submit meter readings, keep account details up to date and access news about Good Energy – all in one place.

Why can I no longer see my older statements on my online account?

As the online account is brand new, it will store all your new statements from now on. If you would like records of statements from before the account upgrade, please contact us.

Can I add another contact to the account so they can have access to the online account?

Yes, we can add another person to your online account with your permission. We will need their name and email address to add them.

My contact details and/or address need to be updated. How can I do this?

Your account details can be updated by an authorised contact. You can update your details using your online account or by contacting us.

Why does my statement look different?

We have upgraded our billing platform, which produces statements in a slightly different format. The data shown in our new statements remains the same as before. See our help article ‘How to read your bill’ for more information.

Why does my bill include a Cancellation of Charges line?

Cancellation of Charges occurs when we have previously billed according to an estimated meter read and have now received an actual read. The initial charge is refunded and an accurate bill is charged according to the actual meter reading. These can be avoided by providing a meter reading during the five day billing window.

Where can I see my previous meter readings on the new online account?

We recently upgraded the platform that hosts your online account to provide more account management functions. It will store all meter readings you add from now on, but doesn’t have access to your past readings. If you would like a record of past readings, please contact us and we’ll happily provide this for you.

Where can I see my previous payments on the new online account?

We recently upgraded the platform that hosts your online account to provide more account management functions. It will show all payments you make from now on, but unfortunately doesn’t have access to your past payments. If you would like a record of past payments, please contact us and we’ll happily provide this for you.

How do I print off my online statements?

After logging in to your account, you will find a ‘document’ section. You can download and print your statements from there.

I am trying to log into my account, but it says my email address is already registered?

This means your email address is already registered with the portal. Please get in touch with us and we can re-set this for you.