Good Energy Bond ii 

70% of Good Energy Bonds ii was repaid in June 2021. 

What your bond has achieved so far: 

Good Energy Bonds ii allowed us to invest in our transition to energy services, including: 

  • Our acquisition of WessexECO Energy, a technology-focused solar, battery and electric vehicle installation company 
  • Our acquisition of Igloo Works, an established UK based heat pump installation business 
  • The implementation and roll-out of our Kraken customer technology platform 
  • Our smart meter roll-out 
  • Mobility-as-a-service – our partnerships and solutions which support the electrification of transport for businesses and consumers 
  • Strategic investment in Zap-Map 
  • The implementation of our business billing platform Ensek. 

Current status 

In June 2021 Good Energy repaid 70% of the bond after achieving many of the objectives which the bond was raised to support. 

Good Energy Bond ii rolls annually. If you would like to redeem your bond, you must complete the notice of redemption on the back of your bond certificate and send it Good Energy at least six months before 30 June each year i.e before 30 December the previous year. 

See below for key terms and visit our FAQs page for more information.  

Good Energy Bonds ii Key Terms & Conditions 

Interest: 4.75% effective gross interest per annum payable semi-annually. 

Customer Bonus Interest: 0.25% per annum for Good Energy customers payable at maturity. This additional annual interest payment is available to any Bondholder who is our customer on 1 January for the relevant year. 

Maturity: 4 year term, rolling annually thereafter unless redeemed. Good Energy Bonds II may be redeemed by a bondholder completing and returning the notice of redemption (on the reverse of the bond certificate) six months before the fourth anniversary (or any subsequent anniversary). Good Energy may choose to repay some or all of Good Energy Bonds II at any time. 

Transferability: Non-transferable. 

Security: Unsecured. 

Good Energy Bond i 

Our first bond 

Good Energy Bond i launched in 2013, supporting the development of 13 solar farms across the UK and nearly 1590MW of renewable projects – exceeding our original purpose for Good Energy Bonds. This bond has now been repaid in full.  

Future investments 

If you’re interested in continuing to support Good Energy’s growth, future propositions and innovation please register your interest in future bond or share issues here: