Annual General Meeting

This year’s AGM took place on Thursday 20 June, 2pm at Good Energy Group PLC, Monkton Park Offices, Monkton Park, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN15 1GH.


Shareholders passed ordinary resolutions 1 – 9.

The Board notes that special resolutions 10 ,11, 12 and 13 did not pass.

Special resolutions 10, 11 and 12 were standard authorities that UK listed companies take at annual general meetings, relating to the allotment of 10% of shares for cash on a non-pre-emptive basis and purchase of own shares.

Special resolution 13 was an amendment to the Articles of Association of the Company, legally embedding its purpose by stating its goals are to have a materially positive impact on society and the environment, in addition to operating for the benefit of stakeholders. This is a legal requirement for the retention of B Corp certification which the Company is pursuing.

The Board is disappointed not to receive this limited additional flexibility of the special resolutions to pursue opportunities in the interests of the Company and its shareholders.

Pre-AGM Presentation and Q&A

On Wednesday 5 June CEO Nigel Pocklington and CFO Rupert Sanderson presented and took questions from shareholders via Investor Meet Company. Watch the recording back:

Sign up to Investor Meet Company for free at and add Good Energy to attend investor presentations.

B Corp application

Good Energy has always been run for the benefit of people and planet, as well as for profit. We want to formalise this commitment.

At our 2023 and 2024 AGM we put forward a resolution to amend our Articles of Association to reflect our purpose to power a cleaner, greener future together. We asked shareholders to vote on committing the business and its directors to consider Good Energy’s social and environmental impact in decision making.

The special resolution, which would have legally embedded Good Energy’s long explicit purpose, was required to meet a 75% vote threshold. But it did not pass, despite the vast majority of individual shareholders voting in favour.

In June 2023 we held an event about why we wanted to become a B Corp. The event was live-streamed and you can watch it back below.

Important documents

Good Energy AGM Notice 2024

2023 Annual Report

Draft Articles of Association

Existing Articles of Association

The Scrip dividend T&Cs dated 21 May 2024

The Scrip dividend Mandate dated 21 May 2024

AGM Prize draw T&Cs