Finisterre aims for carbon neutrality

Finisterre set the goal of carbon neutrality by 2030; and chose Good Energy to help them get there.

Pioneering, sustainable clothing brand, Finisterre was founded on three principles: product, environment, and people – and has prioritised these ever since.

Finisterre has been a Good Energy customer since 2005, when they first moved into their HQ in St Agnes, Cornwall. Over the years, they’ve grown to 14 shops and offices all over the UK as well as an international supply chain, and are in the process of switching all their owned sites to Good Energy.

With their carbon neutral goal, Finisterre recently did a full carbon assessment of the business to work out where they were starting from. This involved reaching out to its UK and global suppliers, including Good Energy, to help them to pull together this data.

A full carbon assessment is a big task and Good Energy were so helpful to us during the project. It was a joy to pick up the phone and speak to a real person, they did all of the heavy lifting for us.

Adele, Positive Impact Manager

As a clothing brand, it was no surprise to them that their biggest impact was in the materials they use; but energy had a big impact too, especially when looking to the scope 3 emissions from their global supply chain.

They are now working on a roadmap to carbon reduction, working across supply chain, transportation, and materials.

Having our stores and offices powered by renewable energy not only reduces our own carbon footprint, it also means we can be an example to our supply chain and our customers, with the metrics to prove it makes a difference.

Adele, Positive Impact Manager

The Challenge

  • Finisterre is aiming to be carbon neutral by 2030 across scopes 1,2 and 3. With 14 shops and offices all over the UK, energy was a key area to reduce their direct impact.
  • They wanted to lead by example for their supply chain, customers and employees with their stance on renewable energy.
  • They wanted to calculate their carbon footprint and reached out to their suppliers to help them to calculate it.

The Solution

  • We’ve powered Finisterre’s HQ since 2005, saving them around 0.7 tonnes of carbon each year, and are working closely with them to move all of their owned sites under Good Energy supply.
  • This allows them to share their carbon credentials with their supply chain and encourage them to switch to renewables too.
  • With a dedicated account manager and a lot of knowledge about carbon footprinting, we were able to quickly provide everything they needed for their carbon assessment.

Read our full interview with Finisterre’s Positive Impact Manager, Adele, here .

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