Where our renewable energy comes from

As a Good Energy customer, the power you use is matched back to 100% renewable electricity bought from our community of over 1700 independent generators. From city center community energy projects to sustainable businesses, we source electricity from a huge variety of different sites. Below, read more about how we support our community, and get to know some of the individual generators we buy from. 

Meet our generators  

We’ve been committed to supporting independent renewable generators for over 20 years – and have been buying from some of the sites we work with since the beginning. From personal account management, long-term Power Purchase Agreements (PPAs) that provide certainty, and a commitment to offering a fair price that reflects energy market conditions, we pride ourselves on providing a high-quality service. 

Bristol Energy Cooperative 

Bristol Energy Cooperative’s urban solar sites generate enough electricity to supply 3,000 homes, and were built thanks to investment from the communities that they serve. By selling the electricity to Good Energy, the Cooperative have been able to channel over £250,000 back into the local area, by funding initiatives such as community centres, outdoor spaces and cafes. 

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The Confetti Farm 

The Wyke Estate in Worcestershire has been in Charles Hudson’s family for over 250 years. His ambition was to turn it into a “living pastoral environment”, which now includes flower fields for the natural confetti company run from the estate, and a hydro electricity generator on the river.  

Charles has found that developing the hydro generator has supported the biodiversity of his land. A quieter stretch of water separated from the main river has attracted rarer wildfowl and even otters. The plant generates over 220 kWh of electricity a year, which supplies local buildings, as well as forming part of Good Energy’s generator community. 

“We’ve been with Good Energy since the beginning… to have someone who is taking the initiative and linking us with the customer; it gives one a feeling of strength that together, we are going to build a sustainable future.”  

-Charles Hudson, Hydroelectricity Generator 

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Glen Lyn Gorge 

One of our longest running partnerships is with Glen Lyn Gorge hydroelectric plant in Devon.  

Owner Matthew signed up with Good Energy not long after we started. For two decades, Glen Lyn Gorge has relied on us to make sure they get the best deal for their power through our PPAs. We also handle Glen Lyn’s monthly ROC (Renewable Obligation Certificate) and REGO (Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin) submissions to Ofgem. We ensure they arrive before the deadlines and that Matthew is paid on time. 

 “I stay with Good Energy because of my principles and theirs, particularly their commitment to renewable energy.” 

Matthew Oxenham, Glen Lyn Gorge Hydro 

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From a farm near Wrexham, Fre-energy use anaerobic digestion to turn agricultural waste into something useful: biogas for generating renewable electricity. The anaerobic digestion process also produces a nutrient rich fertiliser, which goes back onto the surrounding fields. 

Biogeneration can produce electricity 24/7, whatever the weather – making it an important part of creating a flexible, reliable electricity grid based on renewable sources.  

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Making sense of energy industry changes 

Our support for our generators included helping those that are also electricity supply customers to apply from exemption from costly extra charges resulting from Ofgem’s Targeted Charging Review

Working with Distribution Network Operators (DNOs), we ensured that renewable generators sites that only consumed electricity from the grid to run their generation assets were able to apply for exemption from the new charges. We also encouraged the generators that we don’t supply with electricity to contact their supplier about getting an exemption. By doing this, we potentially saved independent renewable generators thousands of pounds in additional costs a year. 

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