An enduring fascination with the power of water, combined with a drive to take direct action to protect the planet, lead Nick and Billy to set up Cym Cadian Hydro.

Their run-of-the-river generator in Eryri National Park in North Wales produces enough clean, green energy for 100 homes. Nick and Billy see small-scale generators as key contributors to local economies – as well as part of a community of people wanting to do right by our climate.

With Good Energy from the beginning

Cwm Cadian has sold its electricity to Good Energy ever since the scheme was built in 2018. Nick and Billy enjoy knowing that their power is being used by homes and businesses that really care about the planet.

They also benefit from the personal service we provide to small generators.

Looking for one of the greenest business energy suppliers?

I feel like Good Energy magnify our efforts to combat climate change. They are really trying to support small generators like us.

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