• Sustainability increases brand perception

    With a government survey finding that 55% of UK adults are more likely to choose a brand that uses electricity from renewable sources,1 green appeal is real.

    Secure partnerships with businesses looking to drive down supply chain emissions, and attract increasingly environmentally conscious employees. One survey found that “70% of millennials said a company’s sustainability would impact their decision to stay with a company for the long haul”2.

  • Green businesses are more resilient

    Businesses that put long-term sustainability at the heart of their operations have been proven to be more resilient in the face of external challenges.

    Research by HSBC3 has shown that shares in companies focused on environmental and climate issues outperformed others during the initial stock market turmoil caused by the pandemic.

Why choose Good Energy?

Unlike many other suppliers, we don’t disguise electricity generated from fossil fuels by greenwashing it. We match all the power our customers use with electricity bought directly from renewable generators, investing in the industry to help it grow.

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Average UK Fuel Mix


Good Energy's Fuel Mix


Our supply service

There's more to Supply than just 100% renewable electricity.

  • Green gas

    Our green gas provides another simple way to reduce your environmental impact. 10% is renewable biogas. The rest is offset by investing in projects that improve access to green energy around the world.

  • Expert energy account care

    Whether it’s a query about your bill or you want to discuss clean energy services such as EV charging, you can contact your dedicated account manager.

  • Value added services

    As a customer, you’ll have access to free services such as Energy Health Check – a simple way to set up a sustainability strategy.

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Small business

From power to heating, discover energy supply services and simple online account management that make it easy to go green.

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Large business

Power up your carbon reduction strategy with sustainably sourced 100% renewable electricity, carbon neutral gas and dedicated account management.


  1. YouGov, 2017

  2. Swytch survey, HR Dive reporting, 2019