The benefits of Good Energy for your Small or Medium sized business (SME)

Priced to suit you

Good Energy likes to keep small business electricity prices clear and simple with our fixed and variable tariff options.

Boost your green appeal

Make your business greener and broaden your customer base and increase your competitive advantage by opting for a supplier with one of the greenest energy mixes on the market.

Insist on high standards

Good Energy has won various awards for its ethical and environmental approach, including consistently ranking top in the Good Shopping Guide from The Ethical Company Organisation.

Share your choice with your employees, competitors, shareholders and customers

We’ll support your green energy choice by providing web banners, posters and information leaflets. You’ll also receive a commission for each of your customers that switch to Good Energy when you join our affiliate scheme.

Easy switching process

If you've never done it before, you'll find switching your energy supply to us is very simple. Here's how switching to Good Energy works.


Variable tariff

No contract term                        

No exit fees or penalties             

Flexible to your changing needs

100% green fuel mix                   


Fixed tariff

12 and 24 month tariffs                    

Updated regularly for the best deals

Fixed charges for easy budgeting     

100% green fuel mix                           


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