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Do the right thing for your business and the environment

Embracing renewable power brings many benefits to you. It enables you to increase your customer base, can improve your competitive advantage within a sustainable supply chain model and ensures your company lives it values.

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How choosing renewables can help your business


Get a competitive edge

55% of adults in the UK are more likely to choose a brand that uses renewable electricity (YouGov, 2017)

Engage your people

Buying renewable creates a great opportunity to engage your people, demonstrating your brand values

Improve your top line

Green credentials and our green certification can help broaden your customer base

Powering your business with Good Energy

We source our electricity from a community of over 1,400 British independent generators across the UK.

We offer competitively priced fully fixed tariffs or standard variable tariffs, including payment terms of up to 28 days as standard, and more than 28 days on request. Our award-winning business customer care team is based in Wiltshire.

Find out more about our offering for small and medum sized businesses

We've been green energy pioneers from day one

See how we've made renewables accessible in the UK


UK 100% renewable electricity tariff


Onshore wind farm in the UK


UK home generator scheme


100% green tariff for the local community

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You're in good company

We already supply a number of other fantastic organisations, big and small, including innocent drinks, Pukka Herbs, and Dyfi Distillery. These businesses share our vision of a cleaner, greener future, and have chosen Good Energy as their partner in efforts to decarbonise. Read more about our work with some of them:

innocent drinks Dyfi Distillery

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Start making a difference and exercising the competitive advantages of your new green credentials today - we'll help you all the way

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