Headquartered in the Cotswolds, Ecovision Asset Management provide solar PV Operations and Maintenance, asset management and consultancy across the UK.

They manage 12,000 solar PV sites with a generation capacity of more than 38MWp; 5,000 of which are managed by Good Energy’s team.

Ecovision Asset Management have been a client of Good Energy’s for more than eight years but when we created our dedicated account management team we quickly spotted inaccuracies in their data.

Every quarter, a number of meter read failures were being flagged, meaning they were missing out on thousands of pounds of income.

Ecovision have 12,000 solar sites across Britain

Over several months, our dedicated account manager worked with Ecovision Asset Management to check every single site’s data and correct the issues – which varied from incorrect meter numbers to sites no longer being under Ecovision’s management. 

Thanks to this proactive work, strong working relationships and enhanced systems integration, failures are now down by 70% each quarter, meaning they enjoy an additional £500,000 a year

We have always found Good Energy to be professional, effective and willing to help. Our account manager is a superhero!

Sarah Nichols, Head of Operations, Ecovision Asset Management Ltd

The challenge

  • Ecovision manages a high number of assets, and their submission data was becoming increasingly difficult to get 100% correct.
  • They were receiving a number of meter read submission failures every quarter, readings that could not be submitted for payment until resolved.

The solution

  • Our dedicated account manager worked with Ecovision to identify and resolve them over several months.
  • Failures are now down by more than 70% compared to the previous year, boosting collective FiT payments for sites under Ecovision’s management by £500,000 a year.