One Point from Good Energy

EV charge point installation made simple.

  • End to end service

    Our EV and energy experts will recommend, install and manage the maintenance of charging services that fit your requirements.

  • Long term value

    Other installers are just that – installers. We also put together aftercare packages so your investment keeps delivering.

  • Visibility to a growing market

    As investors in leading EV charging app, Zap-Map, we can help you become visible to 70,000+ monthly users looking for destinations that offer EV charging.

  • Support with your sustainability goals

    Switch your business power supply to us to make your charge points 100% renewable.

Why provide EV charge points?

  • Get ahead of competition

    Showcase your commitment to sustainability and appeal to environmentally aware consumers. Forecasts from National Grid predict that there could be 9 million EVs on the road by 20301, which would account for almost 25% of vehicles. 

  • Gain income and make savings

    Charge for EV power, and if you run business vehicles, switch to EVs to be exempt from road and company car tax.

  • Appeal to your employees

    Provide EV chargers to support greener commuting.

  • Future-proof your power supply

    Make sure your site’s electricity supply can support EV charging.


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