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We are currently developing innovative services that will provide access to a wide range of EV products, all with Good Energy. By developing strategic partnerships with leading companies in the EV and clean tech space, we can offer focused solutions to support workplace, commercial and fleet charging requirements.

  • Charge

    With over 20 years’ experience in renewable energy and clean tech, we have the expertise to help you find the right EV charging technology for your business through our One Point installation service.

    Concerned about the upfront investment? Explore finance options offered by our 3rd party partner, who specialise in supporting clean technology projects.

  • Power

    Back your charge points with our 100% renewable electricity to provide genuinely green charging. For fleets, this will also cut carbon emissions associated with the increased electricity consumption from upgrading to EV.

    We are developing tariffs that can help you charge at cheaper, greener times of day, and can also provide your employees with electricity tariffs for home EV charging.

  • Serve

    Our investment in leading EV app, Zap-Map, enables us to provide data-driven services for EV drivers. These include Zap-Pay, which makes it simple to search, plan and pay for public charging all through one app.

    And as many EV drivers charge at home, we also offer access to digital services to enable companies and drivers to manage home charging costs.

  • Drive

    Looking to add EVs to your fleet? We can refer you to our leasing and finance partners, who can offer competitive prices for new company vehicles.

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