Five ways your business can support a zero carbon Britain

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Five ways your business can support a zero carbon Britain

We cover some of the ways businesses can benefit from taking an active role.

Jen Laming ·

Britain is currently feeling the strain of high gas prices and supply chain disruptions. With the COP26 climate talks taking place against this backdrop, speeding up the transition to a green energy and transport system that isn’t so reliant on fossil fuels feels more crucial than ever.

Our recent report produced with Energy Systems Catapult, Renewable Nation: Pathways to a Zero Carbon Britain, models how Britain can achieve its target of reaching net zero emissions by 2050. Unlike many other models, it shows how we can get there using technologies that already exist, including renewable energy and battery storage.

As the business sector is responsible for just over 18% of the country’s total greenhouse gas emissions, businesses must be part of the transition to a greener society – and stand to gain from taking an active role.

The work to end Britain’s contribution to climate change should not be delayed. The urgency to cut emissions is clear, but many of the changes will need engagement from all sections of society.

Philip New – CEO, Energy Systems Catapult