As part of our generator community, you make it possible for us to match the power our customers use with 100% renewable electricity. 

However, as you are not currently REGO accredited, you’re missing out on an additional stream of revenue from generating renewable electricity. Once you’re registered with Ofgem, you’ll be able to transfer your REGO certificates to Good Energy, so we can pay you for these as well as your renewable electricity.  

Complete the online accreditation form today 

You’ll need to apply via the Ofgem website, rather than through Good Energy. If you have any questions about the application, please use our online guide. 

Got your REGO ID? Enter it below so you can be paid for your certificates 

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How to transfer your REGOs to Good Energy 

Once you’re REGO certified, it will only take a few minutes once a quarter to transfer your REGOs to Good Energy. The whole process is completed through your online Ofgem account. 

Remember to include Good Energy’s unique ID when prompted. This is SUP0008681.  

Then all you need to do is select the REGOs you want to transfer (you can do this in bulk for REGOs issued within a certain time period) and submit your transfer request. 

You can find full details about transferring your REGOs online in our step-by-step guide. 

Useful information about REGOs

REGO stands for Renewable Energy Guarantees of Origin. This scheme provides more transparency to consumers about the proportion of electricity that suppliers get from renewable sources. For every MWh of electricity you generate, Ofgem can provide you with a REGO certificate. You can then transfer these to an energy supplier like Good Energy.

Our tariffs are 100% renewable, with electricity sourced through power purchase contracts with generators like you. REGOs are the paperwork that provide the power we buy from you came from a renewable source. Once a year, we must disclose our electricity fuel mix to Ofgem – REGOs show that our power is as renewable as we say it is. 

You can claim one REGO Certificate for each MWh of eligible renewable electricity that you generate. So the more power you generate, the more REGOs you will be able to claim. 

Historically, certificates have not been worth much money to generators, so we haven’t asked smaller generators to transfer them. However, they are now worth £9 per certificate – making a tangible difference to the amount you can earn for them alongside selling us your renewable electricity. 

Once you’re registered with Ofgem, you provide readings for how much renewable electricity you’ve generated. Ofgem provide you with REGOs to back this up. Once a quarter, Good Energy will pay you for the REGOs you transferred to us in the previous quarter.

We ask generators to transfer REGOs to us on a quarterly basis. Once you’re registered with Ofgem, the process can be completed online and only takes a few minutes each time. 

*£8 per REGO for combined heat and power (CHP) and hydro.