We have recently upgraded our billing platform. Our new system produces statements in a slightly different format to what you have seen before. Below is a breakdown of the different elements that your bill is comprised of to show you where you will find key information.

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A – Our Contact Details: If you have any queries about your account, please contact our dedicated account management team.

B – Your Account Number: Please reference this number when you contact us about your account; it will help us find your account details so we can serve you more quickly.

C – Invoice Period: The time covered in this billing cycle.

D – Site Details: The site address this statement refers to.

E – Cancellation of Charges: Your bill may include this item which details the refund of charges from an estimated bill during the same billing period. These can be avoided by submitting a meter reading during the five day billing window.

F – Energy Services: For dual fuel customers this section will contain Total Electricity Charges and Total Gas Charges. If you are a single fuel electricity or gas customer, then this section will only show charges relevant to your supply.

G – Total Amount: The total amount you need to pay.

H – Your Contract Summary: A short summary of your contract details, including your product name and the end date of your fixed price period, to help you manage your business energy contract.

I – Online Account Details: We recently launched our new system that makes it quicker and simpler for businesses to manage their energy account online. A summary of the online account features and a link to help you access it can be seen here.

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I – Meter Serial Number: This is the serial number for the meter at your site; this number should match the one on the meter itself. Please contact us if the number shown here does not match the one on your meter.

J – Meter Readings: Details of recent meter readings submitted for this account. We will calculate your bill based on estimated meter readings if we do not receive regular readings from you.

K – Consumption Charges: The Consumption and Fixed Charges applied to your account, with details of the consumption in this billing cycle in units (kWh) and what your unit rate is.

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L – How to pay for your energy: The different options you have for paying the balance shown on your statement.

M – Terms and Conditions: The web address for accessing the general terms for your business energy contract with Good Energy.

N – Complaints: If you have submitted a complaint and are unhappy with how it has been handled, then please contact Ombudsman Services. Their details can be found in this section.

O – Moving your workplace?: If you’re changing address, follow these steps if you want to take Good Energy with you.