Feed-in Tariff Administration

As the 2nd largest Feed-in Tariff administrator in Britain, we manage FiT payments for over 170,000 customers.

Switch your FiT portfolio to us and we will aim to maximise the revenues you get from your on-site renewable generation.

Flexible Power Purchase Agreements

We now buy directly from over 1,700 independent green generators across the country, providing a range of PPAs.

  • Market leading rates

    We have our own energy trading desks, meaning we can offer sharper, more accurate prices for power.

  • Renewable expertise

    We’ve been a renewable supplier for over two decades, dedicated to encouraging renewable development by providing a route to market for all sizes of generation project.

  • Payment security

    Use our complimentary One Price service to maximise the price you can get for your power in a volatile market.

  • An expert, friendly service

    From support with new connections and managing generation data to help with claiming for REGOs, our dedicated account managers get to know you and your requirements.

Smart Export Guarantee

With the FiT scheme now closed to new generators, we are developing export tariffs designed to enable homes and businesses to continue to invest in renewable generation. This includes paying a fair rate to small-scale generators by enabling them to meter their export.

The following renewable energy installations are eligible for tariffs offered under the Smart Export Guarantee: 

  • Solar PV systems, onshore wind, anaerobic digestion, hydro with a capacity of up to 5MW.
  • Micro-combined heat and power with an electrical capacity of up to 50kW.