Get greenwash free energy – make sure your electricity is genuinely renewable by seeing how it’s generated with our online platform 24/7.  

Make carbon accounting easier – receive clear data on your hourly energy usage for multiple sites and the percentage matched directly to our renewable generators.  

Lead in sustainability – meet your ESG goals and showcase your commitment to decarbonising energy. 

Get full visibility with the Granular Energy platform 

Large business customers receive access to the Granular platform, which shows where and how their renewable electricity is being generated. Some customers will instead receive a monthly report summarising their matching data. 

Good Energy’s expert team of energy traders and forecasters ensure we consistently achieve at least 90% real-time matching. Any gaps are made up for by supplying the grid with enough renewable electricity over the year to match what you use. This means your energy contract will always go towards supporting renewable generation. 

“Being able to track our energy usage this way means we not only know what we’re using, we know where it’s coming from – just as we do with the materials we use to make our clothing” 

Mart Drake-Knight, Founder of Teemill