Winter in Britain. Those words probably conjure up grey skies, cold, wind and rain.

It may not often be the brightest season, but there’s still a lot to like about it. In the video below, we celebrate how our wonderful British weather helps us generate 100% renewable electricity all year round.

Most of our renewable electricity is generated from solar power, wind power and hydroelectricity. While winter might not be as good for generating electricity from solar power, it is good for generating electricity from wind and hydro.

Winter weather and renewable electricity

On average, November to February are the months of the year with the highest average rainfall. They’re also when we see our fair share of windy weather and winter storms.  

Renewable electricity records have been made at this time of year. For example, for a few days in 2020, wind power alone generated 40% of Britain’s electricity.   

Hydro generators contribute around 2-4% of Britain’s overall electricity. Most of the bigger hydro generation plants are in more mountainous regions such as the north of Scotland, but smaller, run-of-the-river hydro can be found all across the country. These can be sensitive to changes in rainfall – meaning that wetter winter months are usually times of higher generation. 

Matthew, owner of the Glen Lyn Gorge hydro generator, has been generating renewable electricity for over two decades and selling it to Good Energy. Hear his story. 

So, even when the weather seems gloomy, remember there’s a bright side: clean, green electricity that can power our lives while helping fight the climate crisis