Good Energy is offering spot priced PPAs to generators. Find out what spot pricing is, how it may help you benefit from current energy market conditions, and how our PPA team will help you manage your contract.  

We typically provide generators with fixed-price PPAs that offer a price per unit of electricity exported, for a set contract term. This pricing smooths out the peaks and troughs in electricity pricing to provide one, agreed price.  

However, prices in the energy market have been so volatile recently that it is increasingly difficult to provide a fixed price for more variable forms of renewable generation, such as wind. To help our generators remain with Good Energy and benefit from changing market prices, we will now be offering spot priced contracts that track the energy market to some customers. 

What are the benefits of a spot priced PPA?

As you’ll be well aware, energy prices have been volatile over the past year. During 2022, there have been several periods in which they’ve reached record highs – over 10 times the price compared to the same period in 2021. A spot priced contract will pay you for your power at rates that track the movement of the market, allowing you to get paid more when the market rises. 

How will the PPA be managed?

We are offering flexible contract terms starting from as little as 3 months. This enables you to assess your options in a frequently changing market, rather than being locked into a long-term contract.  

We will also be able to let you know as soon as we have a fixed-price PPA available, which you’ll be able to switch to even if you’re in the middle of your spot priced contract.  

Our trading team keep close track of market rates, and will be able to confirm the rates that you will be paid for the energy you’ve generated in the following month’s invoice. 

How to sign up to a spot priced contract

We encourage you to speak to our PPA team to find out more about the rates available to you. Click the link below to register for a call back. 

Please email or call 0345 034 2402 for more information.

If you are offered  a spot priced PPA and decide it isn’t the right option for you, you’re free to switch to another provider when your current contract ends. If you stay with Good Energy and don’t renew your PPA, you will fall onto our out of contract rates. 

Why renew with Good Energy? 
  • Personal service from our team of PPA experts. 
  • High level of support – from help with new connections and claiming for REGOs, to lobbying the government to provide more support for independent renewable generation. 
  • Stability in a volatile market – we’ve worked directly with independent generators for over two decades, with deep experience in trading renewable electricity. 

Please email or call 0345 034 2402 for more information.

“We’ve been with Good Energy since the beginning. I feel really happy working with a company whose ethics, morals, ambitions and purpose are the same as mine.”

Charles Hudson, Pershore Hydro