Occasionally things can go wrong with the software behind your solar, battery or EV charger system. If your system has stopped working, please follow these steps.

1. Troubleshoot

Has your system lost connection to the internet? Does it have power or has one of the circuit breakers tripped your fusebox? Investigate and try to rectify these issues first.

2. Turn your system off for one minute

Locate the solar PV circuit breaker in your consumer unit, or the Tesla Energy Gateway if you have this installed, and flick to the off position. Then locate the solar PV isolator (red switch) and rotate to the off position. If fitted, locate the DC isolator (black rotating switch) and rotate this to the off position too.

If your battery has stopped working, rotate the rotary isolator (red switch) to the off position.

After one minute, turn all of the switches back to the on position. If step 2 hasnt resolved the problem move onto step 3.

3. Contact the manufacturer

Your system manufacturer will have quick and direct access to adjust settings and review faults remotely. Contact your relevant manufacturer and provide a description of the fault, they will be able to advise you of any further troubleshooting.

Solar Edge (inverter / battery)
0800 028 1183

Tesla (Powerwall / Gateway)
01628 450630

MyEnergi (Zappi car charger / Eddi hot water controller)
0333 300 1303

4. Contact Good Energy Solar

If your system is still down, please contact us providing the following information:

  • Product information
  • Relevant pictures
  • Information provided by the manufacturer
  • Description of the fault
  • Your contact information

Contact Good Energy Solar

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