Check how big the problem is

If you lose power, it’s good to check whether it’s a problem in just one room or in the rest of your house. You should also check your fuse box in case any of the switches have tripped. Re-set them and power should return. 

You may also want to check your meter. If there’s a lever and it has been moved into the off position, move the lever back to the ‘on’ position and power should return. 

If neither of the above options apply, you may be experiencing a power cut – especially if your neighbours have also lost power. Call your local electricity network operator on 105. Tell them where you live, and they will tell you if there’s a problem in your area. 

What to do in a power cut  

Switch off all electrical appliances that shouldn’t be left unattended, ready for when the power comes back on. This includes things like hobs and ovens, if you were in the middle of using them. Keep your fridge and freezer shut – the food will stay cold for at least a few hours.  

Leave on a light so you know when the power cut has been fixed.  

Wrap up. If it’s cold, wrap up warm and close internal doors to keep the heat in.  

Check to see if your neighbours are safe and if they have a power cut too. Call 105 to speak to your local electricity network operator and report the power cut. They should be able to tell you if the outage is due to any planned maintenance work, and give you an idea of when your power will be back on.   

Problems with your meter  

If you don’t have electricity but there isn’t a power cut in your area, there’s a chance the problem is with your meter. Contact us to make sure. If this is the case, we can book an emergency appointment to exchange your electricity meter.  

My meter is in a box outside my property – it’s broken, and my meter is exposed  

Some energy meters are located outside your property, usually within a box. We’re not responsible for fixing this – replacements can be bought from some hardware shops. However, if you think the meter itself has been damaged or tampered with, please contact us.  

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