Solar and battery packages

Why choose Good Energy Solar?

  • Bespoke system designs to suit your home and energy needs 
  • Premium quality hardware, at 0% VAT. Including Tesla Powerwall, SolarEdge and Enphase. 
  • Peace of mind with installation teams that are all part of Good Energy Solar (no 3rd party contractors) and long-term product warranties.
  • Exclusive export tariff rates: earn more from the power you share with the grid, with our Solar Savings Exclusive export tariff. 

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Quality you can trust

Why it makes sense to get solar panels

Save money
Save money on your bills and earn money through an export tariff, while adding value to your property.

Be green
Power your home with electricity from the sun – reducing your contribution to climate change.

Control your energy use
Buy less power from an energy supplier and protect yourself from energy price rises. Use what you generate straight away or store it for later with a battery.

How do solar panels work?

Solar panels are fitted to your roof and use energy from sunlight to generate electricity. The electricity generated can be used directly in your own home, stored in a battery or exported to the electricity grid.  

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