Book your solar panel maintenance today

Make sure your panels are performing at their best. Book a service with our expert partner, Caplor, which includes panel cleaning and system maintenance. Caplor have been installing solar panels for decades, and will make sure nothing is getting in the way of you generating renewable electricity. 

Solar panels with a leaf

Solar panel cleaning

Britain’s changeable weather helps keep solar panels fairly clean throughout the year. However, dirt, dust, leaves or bird droppings can build up and impact your panel performance by blocking the sun’s rays. If your panels are installed on a flat roof rather than tilted, dirt build up could reduce their performance by 10-30%. 

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house with solar panels on rooftop

Caplor can safely clean your panels with de-ionised water, which means no mineral deposits will be left behind to affect how much your system generates. They will also use soft brushes to protect the delicate glass surface of your panels. 

Monitoring and maintenance

Solar panels have a lifespan of 25 years or more, with the panels themselves requiring very little maintenance beyond occasional cleaning. However, other elements such as your inverter can wear out more quickly and impact the performance of your whole system. If you’ve noticed your panels aren’t generating as much as expected, it could be time for a health check.  

solar panels
Roof Mounted Solar Panels

Book an appointment with a fully qualified Caplor engineer, who will carry out an entire system check to make sure everything is performing as efficiently as possible. From the condition of your panels and inverter to any monitoring systems you’ve installed. 

You’ll receive a performance report that will explain how your system is doing, along with recommendations for improving it. 

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