How we do business 

We aim to make sure everything about Good Energy is as green and fair as possible. If you want to dig into the details, take a look at our reports and policies. 

Reports & policies 

Tracking our progress and commitments around being a green, ethical and inclusive business. 

Sustainable procurement policy 

We aim to make sure that our procurement activities meet our needs in terms of sustainability, quality, quantity, price and timeliness of delivery – while also enabling fair and open competition. 

How we buy power

Sourcing 100% renewable electricity is vital to our business. We have some of the strictest purchasing criteria in the energy industry that aims to make sure our generation has as little negative impact on the surrounding ecological and socio-economic environments as possible. 

Our renewable energy procurement strategy outlines what types of sites we buy power from. Our biogeneration procurement policy goes into more depth on how we make sure we’re buying power from sustainably managed biofuel generation sites.

For other goods and services, our processes support us to select suppliers fairly and openly while considering their ethical and sustainable credentials. Our commitments to the suppliers we contract with are outlined in our Standard Terms and Conditions (Supply of Goods and Services).   

Smart Meter Rollout Targets

Ofgem Minimum Planned Annual Smart Meter Rollout Target for Gas: 4235 meters during 2023

Ofgem Minimum Planned Annual Smart Meter Rollout Target for Elec: 8268 meters during 2023

2022 smart rollout results

FuelTarget NumberNumber of Qualifying Metering Systems installed in Qualifying Relevant PremisesWas the Target number met?