Good Energy and Transition Network

Like Transition, we understand that lots of small changes can create transformation on a grand scale.

This is why at Good Energy, we source our electricity from certified renewables. We always have done and always will do. No other energy supplier in the UK can promise that.

Our electricity is local too, produced by a growing community of independent generators across Britain. We think all energy should be like this.

With your support it could be...

Switch your home to our green electricity online or call 0800 254 0000

Quote “In Transition” when you switch your home and we’ll pay them £50 to help them create more connected, resilient, local communities.

Ready to switch?

We’re improving our customer services system to give you an even better experience with Good Energy. You can sign up with us as normal and your supply will go live by 30th January. Call us on 0800 254 0004 to find out more.