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Together we can look after the nation’s most special places.

We've been working in partnership with the National Trust since 2012. Today, part of our 100% renewable fuel mix comes from the Trust's hydro turbines at Hafod y Porth in Snowdonia and its waterwheel at Aberdulais Falls.

Quote ‘National Trust’ when switching to our 100% renewable electricity and gas tariff and you’ll receive a National Trust gift card worth £40.

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Good Energy and National Trust

And that's not all - we'll also donate the same sum to the National Trust for every following year that you're a customer!

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"Building a renewable energy future for the special places we look after makes good business as well as environmental sense. Signing up to Good Energy is another way our members can support the work we do, showing how they care for the places we look after for the benefit of the nation."

Patrick Begg, National Trust Rural Enterprise Director

If 1 in 10 National Trust members switched to Good Energy, their whole carbon footprint would reduce by 320,000 tonnes of CO2 a year – that’s the annual emissions of 200,000 cars!

To calculate CO2 reduced, we first estimated the total electricity consumption of National Trust members. To do this, we divided the total number of members by the average household size and multiplied by the average household electricity consumption.


We then multiplied this by the average carbon content of UK electricity to arrive at a total carbon footprint for National Trust members. Dividing this by 10 gave us the amount of carbon that would be saved if 1 in 10 switched.

To calculate the carbon footprint of a car, we multiplied the average annual mileage by the CO2 emissions of a new car. We then divided our carbon saving figure by this, to calculate how many cars we could take off the road.

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