Centre for Alternative Technology

Choosing Good Energy's green electricity takes us a step closer to a Zero Carbon Britain by 2030.

Paul Allen, CAT's Zero Carbon Britain Project Director

Choose an electricity supplier that’s changing UK energy, for good.

At Good Energy, we match the electricity our customers use over the course of a year with power from only 100% British sunshine, wind and rain. We always have done and we always will.

We’ve been in partnership with the Centre for Alternative Technology (CAT) for over a decade working together to promote and build a more sustainable future for the UK. And we’re even their energy supplier too!

Switch your home today

You can help support the Centre for Alternative Technology by making the switch and signing up to Good Energy. Quote ‘CAT’ when switching to our 100% renewable electricity or dual fuel tariffs and we’ll give CAT £30 for electricity only customers or £50 for dual fuel customers to help CAT in their work.

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