Switch to Good Energy with Bristol Pound

Bristol residents can now help tackle climate change and boost Bristol’s local economy – simply by switching to Good Energy.

Ciaran Mundy, CEO of the Bristol Pound

Like Bristol Pound, we know things are better when they’re local and sustainable.

That’s why we source our electricity from our own wind and solar sites and a network of independent generators: every watt comes from British sunshine, wind and rain.

Switch today quoting 'Bristol Pound' and we'll send you 25 Bristol Pounds to spend in the city

We’ll also help support the Bristol Pound with a £B25 donation.

If 1 in 10 Bristol residents switched to Good Energy, we'd save 30,000 tonnes of CO₂ every year; the equivalent of taking 18,900 cars off the road.

As a south west company, we're proud that you can now pay your bills in Bristol Pounds. 

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