Our latest innovation is being launched today – a new tariff called Green Heat for customers with heat pumps in their home. Creating this unique tariff is an important way to support people who are looking to make the shift from using fossil fuels to clean alternatives. 

The launch comes off the back of a new government scheme, called the ‘Green Homes Grant’, which offers homeowners up to £10,000 to make energy efficiency improvements. The funding can be used on anything from new loft insulation to low-energy lighting. And it also covers low-carbon heat pumps.

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The government scheme, worth up to £2 billion in the first year, opened for new applications this week and applies to households in England. You can find more information about eligibility here

Why is this important?

The Green Homes Grant is a positive first step towards tackling the difficult problem of cutting carbon emissions from the energy we use at home. To help the scheme go further and faster, our innovative tariff will allow customers who install heat pumps to take advantage of cheaper rates for genuinely 100% renewable electricity.

The UK has 27 million homes, but only around one million have any form of low-carbon heating. The vast majority of our homes are heated through gas boilers and this dirty technology is responsible for one third of all household carbon emissions.

One way we can cut emissions is to stop heat from escaping through draughty windows, floors, and lofts. Most of our homes in the UK are energy inefficient and making simple home improvements can have a real impact on people’s bills and carbon footprint.

Another way to tackle the problem is to replace gas boilers with heat pumps.

The Green Heat tariff will support people who are looking to make the shift from using fossil fuels to clean alternatives.

Heat pumps are a renewable technology which absorb heat from the air outside, or in the ground. The pump uses electricity to heat liquid, which can then be stored and used to warm your home in the same way as a gas boiler.

The tariff offers low rates and zero standing charge over the winter months. This will help customers pay less to heat their home at a time of year they use their heat pump most intensively.  

In the past, heat pumps have been expensive for many homeowners, both to install and to run. But this simple piece of kit could have a real impact in the fight against climate change. Heat pumps are one of a small number of technologies that fit perfectly hand-in-hand with renewables and helps bring more clean power onto the system.

The government’s new grant scheme, combined with Good Energy’s Green Heat tariff will make this renewable technology more affordable and encourage more people to get involved.

Find out more about the new Green Heat tariff here, or read our brochure