Commitment to local jobs

We aim to use local suppliers and contractors wherever possible during the development, construction and operation of all our generation projects.

For Willow Wind Farm, we would build on our existing relationships with the area’s renewable energy sector to ensure the local economy benefitted as much as possible from our investment in the project.

A recent study revealed that existing wind energy projects in Scotland would generate over £7 billion worth of economic benefit to the country over their lifetime. Furthermore, on average across the UK, owing to increasing use of local supply chains across the industry, some 27% of the economic benefits of onshore wind are retained in the local authority area around each project.

Good Energy already has an active involvement in Kintyre’s renewable energy sector. We’re proud to have a long-standing relationship with Gigha Renewable Energy Ltd, buying energy from the island’s community-owned wind farm and last year we signed an agreement to buy future power from an innovative tidal energy demonstration project in Sanda Sound, off the southern tip of the peninsula.

As part of our local consultation for Willow Wind Farm, we’re keen to meet with any businesses would like to be considered for our local suppliers’ register. As well as specialist contractors, we’d like to hear from accommodation providers and other firms who might benefit from additional trade during the construction phase of the project. 

Please get in touch to give us a few details about your company and the kind of work you’d be interested in.

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